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Does an oily skin need a moisturizer?

Does an oily skin need a moisturizer?

There is a myth doing rounds in the market these days: Are moisturizers a necessity for oily skin or it is just a marketing ploy designed by the cosmetic industry to profit from; let’s dispel it today!!!

Oily skin produces so much sebum, does it need more moisturization?

It is logical to think that it doesn’t. the oily gang already struggles to control the sebum production that causes breakouts and clogged pores, and obviously moisturizers mean more oil which only worsen the situation. But surprisingly it’s quite the opposite!!! To get the idea behind this we need to understand a few terms: moisturization, hydration and nourishment.  

Often, we misinterpret the meaning behind these terms and mistake skin oil for hydration. Oil or sebum produced by our skin is nothing but a lipid that is composed of fatty acids. These oils, present in the skin, surround the outermost layer of the skin and provide nourishment. This is essential to protect and repair the skin’s natural barrier function. Whereas, hydration refers to the presence of water in the skin’s layers – dermis and epidermis – which maintains plumpness and elasticity. Moisturizers are a combination of both they nourish the skin as well as keep up the water levels for longer period of time.

Even so, how does it make sense for people with oily skin to apply moisturizer?

Acne prone skin produces excess sebum which is due to the lack of an essential fatty acid: linoleic acid. Besides, the harsh cleansers used to control the excessive build-up of sebum robs the skin of its natural oils and in process strip the moisture too. As a consequence, the skin becomes dehydrated severely compromising the appearance and protection of skin and as away of compensating this the skin shoots up the oil production to bolster the natural protective barrier.

Applying moisturizers topically prevents excess oil production by restoring the essential fatty acids and lessen the likelihood of breakouts, providing you with healthy glowing skin.

Does this mean you can use any moisturizer available in the market?

No, the perfect moisturizer for oily skin is the one that is light and fast absorbing. Look for label claims like non-comedogenic and oil-free. Like our ultra-moisturizing cream which we have carefully crafted keeping all your skin needs in mind and using only the best of ingredients .There are some ingredients that are your best friends and some your worst enemies. Below is the guide to look for and avoid in your moisturizer.

The right ingredients for your skin needs are:

  1. Olive Squalene

Squalene, a component of human sebum, helps lubricates and moisturize the skin and scalp while acting as a natural guard against external irritants and pollutants.

  1. Phyllostachys Bambusoides Rhizome Extract

Bamboo extracts also contain delicious antioxidants for your skin. If you don’t know, antioxidants help fight free radicals which cause premature wrinkles. Bamboo extract is a multitasker, so of course we have to go from smallest benefit to largest.

  1. Lycium Barbarum Fruit Extract

Commonly known as goji berry, this fruit extract is an antioxidant and also works as a skin-softening agent.

  1. Sophora Flavescens Root Extract

The next most popular ingredient for oily skin is sophora root extract, it has been proposed as a new whitening agent for cosmetics, because it has a strong ability to inhibit tyrosinase, a key enzyme in the formation of melanin.

  1. Pyracantha Fortuneana Fruit Extract

Pyracantha Fortuneana Fruit Extract  is a rare herb extract commonly known as firethorn which is a good conditioning agent.

  1. White Lily

White water lily helps balance cell renewal in the skin, increasing the elimination of toxins, and creating an environment where the cells in the epidermis can develop as they should. It purifies and detoxifies, soothing the skin against irritations while also providing a conditioning and moisturizing effect.

The ingredients to steer clear of are:

  1. Alcohol

Initially they provide a cooling sensation and soak up the greasiness but in the long run they dry up the skin and because of which skin produces more oil to compensate for the loss.

  1. Silicones

Over time, silicones can also clog the pores resulting in breakouts and acne So, it’s not in your best interest.

  1. Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is comedogenic in nature, which means it clogs the pores. While it can lock moisture in the skin barrier, but will also cause breakouts.

  1. Occlusive Emollients

Petroleum and lanolin belong to this category. While they work well for dry skin, they can be too heavy for oily ones.

  1. Oleic Acid

These generally constitute natural oils that tend to be heavy and clog the pores. These include coconut oil and olive oil so be wary of them.


  1. Is the Ultra Moisturizing Cream suitable for Oily and Acne prone skin?

Yes, Our moisturizer is suitable for all skin types including Sensitive, Oily and Acne prone skin.

  1. Will it be more greasy or make the skin oily if an oily skin person uses it?

The formulation doesn't make skin greasy or tacky and gives a perfect dewy skin.

  1. Is it must to use a face moisturizer for oily skin?

Yes, moisturizer keeps the skin hydrated and helps in sebum regulation.

  1. Does the Moisturizer has Anti-aging benefits?

Yes, the clinical study has proven that it reduces the number of wrinkles in your skin and promotes youth looking skin.

  1. Is the Moisturizer unisex?

Skincare is Unisex and Yes, our moisturizer is unisex.

  1. Age limit for the Moisturizer?

Anyone above the age of 12 can use this moisturizer. Ultra-moisturizing cream is non-comedogenic and oil free so it will help the teenagers to control oil and acne. Along with this, the moisturizer has anti-aging actives, making it suitable for mature skin too.

  1. How long will the skin remain moisturized by using this cream?

The moisturizer contains humectants which offers 24 hours moisturization and skin conditioning actives which rejuvenates the skin, making it competent to be used an a night cream also.

  1. Texture and fragrance of the Moisturizer?

It has light creamy texture which is not very heavy on your skin and the fragrance is mild and pleasant with the tinge of white lily.

  1. Does it brighten my skin on regular use?

Our moisturizer contains actives which enhances the natural complexion and reduces uneven skin tone.

  1. How can we include moisturizer in our skincare routine along with Aloe vera gel and Moringa beautifying serum?

You can use all 3 according to your skin needs, switching between day and night care routine. For acne prone skin, you can use Aloe vera gel in the morning and Moisturizer in the night. For Ageing skin, Moisturizer in the morning and moringa beautifying serum in the night.

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