Sensitive Skin Combo

Hydrate and tones your skin , Soothes skin irritation

Sensitive Skin Combo

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Our specially curated sensitive skin combo, Rose Toner and soothing Aloe Vera Gel is here to provide your delicate skin with the care it deserves. Steam-distilled Rose Toner calms and balances sensitive skin, reducing redness and irritation while leaving you feeling refreshed and hydrated. Complementing this, our Aloe Vera Gel provides instant relief, soothing discomfort and restoring your skin's moisture barrier.

Prevents acne
Reduces breakouts and rashes
Soothes sensitive skin
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Sensitive Skin Combo
Sensitive Skin Combo Sale price₹789 Regular price₹880

Step 1 : After cleansing your face, Spray Rosewater directly onto your face to hydrate & Refresh your skin at any time of the day and as many times in a day.

Step 2 : Aloe vera Gel can be applied as a moisturiser in both day and nighttime.

For the real you Safe & sustainable High performance formulation

Customer Reviews

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Sandhiya sandhiyar
good for fresh skin

it's amazing I addicted this Rose water and alovera gel it's my day and night routine very fresh and healthy skin look


Can use it for CTM process. Toner pump was not working working. It starts leaking while pressing a pump.

Suganya rajasekaran
Best combo ever

aloe vera gel is really good,the rose water its really pure could see visible difference in my skin.Thanks vilvah

Perfect for sensitive skin

Initially I'm bit disappointed with rose water because it darkens my skin. After few trials I noticed if I apply it immediately after face wash(not a vilvah product) it darkens my skin. If I try it after a few mins it was not darkening the skin. Pros : Perfect for CTM process. Cons : Rose water Toner: Spray was not working. After months bottle starts leaking.


Aloevera gel gives fresh look everytime