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Bestseller Hair ComboBestseller Hair Combo
Moisturises hair and tackles frizziness Sale price₹1,149 Regular price₹1,280You’ll save ₹131
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Hairfall Control ComboHairfall Control Combo
Controls hair fall and improves scalp health Sale price₹1,169 Regular price₹1,240You’ll save ₹71
Upto 20% Off
Hair Strengthening ComboHair Strengthening Combo
Boosts hair growth and provides deep hydration Sale price₹1,169 Regular price₹1,240You’ll save ₹71
Upto 20% Off
Goat Milk Hair ComboGoat Milk Hair Combo
Provides intense hydration for soft hair Sale price₹1,299 Regular price₹1,385You’ll save ₹86
Upto 20% Off
Frizz Free Hair ComboFrizz Free Hair Combo
Moisturises and reduces frizz Sale price₹1,849 Regular price₹2,030You’ll save ₹181
Upto 20% Off
Anti-dandruff ComboAnti-dandruff Combo
Combats dandruff and hair fall Sale price₹1,249 Regular price₹1,335You’ll save ₹86
Hair Wellness Gift SetHair Wellness Gift Set
Three must-haves for shiny, happy, soft hair! Sale price₹1,435 Regular price₹1,785You’ll save ₹350