Sustainability & Farmer First

Beyond skincare, we care deeply about the world we live in. Our commitment goes beyond just looking our best – it's about doing our best too.

From our tree planting initiatives with NGOs, where each sapling symbolises hope and growth for a greener future to our steadfast commitment to recycling by encouraging customers to recycle their containers or implementing innovative recycling practices in our operations, we aim to reduce our environmental footprint and maximise resource efficiency. 

From the outset, our aim has been to support farming communities through CSR initiatives, focusing on education, value addition, and fair trade.

By empowering farmers through transformative projects like 'Thaimann Kakum Vivasayi', we're not just providing education and resources, we're cultivating thriving farmer communities & sustainable agricultural practices. 

Our efforts extend to recycling water & preserving water sources, ensuring these precious resources are conserved for generations to come. 

At the heart of every choice we make, lies our deeply held desire: to witness a world where both humanity and the Earth flourish & glow together. 

🌳 Growing Together: In partnership with various NGOs, we've set out on a journey of planting trees, each sapling holding the promise of a greener tomorrow.

🔄 Shifting Sustainably: We're not just crafting products, we're changing perspectives. Whether it's opting for aluminium packaging or embracing solar energy, sustainability isn't just a choice at Vilvah – it's our heartbeat. Every decision today is a step towards shaping a better world for tomorrow.

♻️ Encouraging Recycling: Our dedication to recycling goes beyond words. By rewarding customers who return their empty containers, we're not just cutting waste; we're building a community that values mindful consumption.


🌾 Empowering Farmers: We're proud supporters of the 'Thaimann Kakum Vivasayi' project, revolutionising agriculture, one field at a time. Through education and empowerment, we're transforming fields into hubs of learning and farmers into advocates for change. Because when farmers thrive, so do their communities.


💧 Guardians of Water: By using recycled water in our operations, we're ensuring that every drop counts. From our production floors to natural water bodies, we're actively involved in efforts to preserve and enhance water resources, solidifying our commitment to sustainable water management.