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Why should you use foot crack creams for your cracked heels?

Why should you use foot crack creams for your cracked heels?

Cracked heels are a real pain, especially when they leave you in the spotlight of embarrassing situations while removing your shoes in public. That is when you plan for a self-care Sunday, soaking your feet in warm water along with some ingredients that probably sneaked out of the kitchen. Later realizing, it does not matter how much you pamper your feet, sometimes it just does not care. Leave you with no choice but to start your hunt for the best foot cream

Here is a detailed post about foot cream. That covers why you should use a foot cream, the benefits of using one, and how to include them in your skincare routine.

Why should you include foot care cream in your vanity cases?

Cracked heels can be the result of various causes. It commonly prevails among adults, causing pain or discomfort while taking every step. It generally occurs with dry skin cracking over time. It can be cured by including a foot cream for cracked heels.

Providing the skin with the essential moisture helps soften the skin. Shea butter, avocado butter, and cocoa butter are ingredients in a good foot cream. These components smooth out and start to heal the skin on your feet. With time, you can see good progress when using the foot cream daily.

What are the benefits of using a foot care cream over home remedies?

Provide intense Hydration

A good foot cream helps lock in the moisture that keeps the feet hydrated. It helps keep your feet soft by keeping them away from the formation of thick skin. Regular use of foot cream for dry feet helps reduce the dryness and flakes on your feet.

Keep the odor away

When your feet are confined in a shoe for a long time, it can cause an odor. When ingredients like peppermint oil, with its antimicrobial properties, are present in the foot care cream, it helps get rid of the bacteria causing it. Keeping your feet free from bad smells or odors

Stimulates tissue growth

A foot cream aids tissue growth in the affected area of the feet. A perfect blend of all the tropical butter helps get the dry and dead skins away. It helps in slowly growing the tissues and recovering from the fissure feet. 

Reduces itching

The cracks form due to extreme dryness and can cause itching. The foot care cream that contains Kalonji and Argan oil has antifungal properties that reduce itching. It helps in curing the irritation caused in the feet.

How should you use foot care cream?

  • It is advisable to use foot cream once daily.
  • For best results, use it in combination with a pedicure.
  • A foot cream that has been well-massaged can speed up the procedure.
  • To keep the moisture in for a long time, you can also consider using socks. 


Take away 

With all the advantages mentioned above, it is obvious why you should include a foot cream in your skincare regimen. Check out our website Vilvah to get your hands on one of the best foot care creams. Vilvah’s foot crack cream for cracked heels is a perfect blend of all the tropical butter that soothes your cracked heels. It is made of a carefully curated formulation and is dermatologically tested. Using a foot cream is a good option if you are suffering from cracks and extremely dry conditions. With a foot care cream, young-looking feet are always within reach. Remember to take extra care of your feet that take you extra miles. 

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