Selfcare starts with the Foot

Selfcare starts with the Foot

Our feet carry the weight of an entire universe within us, do we give it the least care it needs? We often neglect foot care disregarding that it is the most abused part of our body. How often does footcare make it to our weekly pamper routines? If you are hearing cricket  chirping in your head right now, let’s pause for a moment and dwell on why foot care is important.Did you know that the practice of foot care is believed to have originated in Ancient Egypt? We may not be getting golden toe caps like the ‘mummy of Tutankhamen’ but we could make an effort to take care of our feet like the stylish pharaohs. 

Oh where do we begin?? 

Ouch! My foot aches!

Many of us are guilty of religiously neglecting our feet until the pain creeps in. Cramming our feet into uncomfortable footwear and calling it fashion can cause calluses, blisters, ingrown toenails and PAIN. Let's switch to sneakers and flats as often as we can and pop out those high heels for the fanciest of occasions. Our mighty feet takes the full impact of the our body weight.

Don’t ignore me!

Standing under the shower, head down, one arm against the wall and watching in contemplation the water run down our body forming streams on our feet. How cinematic. But how do we manage to ignore our feet that are calling out for our attention? Our feet deserve all the goody goody care it needs, it’s important to drop it down and lather up your feet with soap, also do not forget to clean in between the toes to get rid of bacteria build up that causes smelly feet. 

Scrub your feet Cinderelly

Avoid crusty, textured feet and dead skin built up by indulging in a foot scrub routine that is best suited for your condition.If your feet are moderately dry, exfoliating once a fortnight will do, but for severe condition, a once or twice a week scrub routine is ideal. 

Soak your feet in  lukewarm water and vinegar in 2:1  ratio. Add liquid soap and your choice of essential oil if needed. Use a pumice stone to remove the dead skin. Make a DIY detan foot mask of your choice and get creative with your foot pampering options.


Rich body butters are ideal for moisturizing your feet keeping them nourished, soft and supple. Vilvah’s range of body butters could give the intense moisturizing your foot needs, the rich unprocessed raw butters keeps the dry skin at bay and promotes healthy looking skin.Natural ingredients like shea butter, Aloe vera and olive oil are wonderful at hydrating and softening your feet. To avoid moisture building up better the toes, it is ideal to apply moisturizer during night time before bed. It is a good practice to wear socks as often as you can to avoid calluses or blisters.

Essential oils

The soles and palms are particularly absorbent as these are the only areas of your body without sebaceous glands. Sebum produced by sebaceous glands function as a protective shield weakening the skin’s ability to absorb foreign substances. The soles of your feet and palms of your hand have no barrier between essential oils and your pores. In reflexology, they believe that your body is connected to the veredians of energy that ends in your feet, hand, ears and face. According to reflexology, applying essential oils to your feet allows the oils to benefit multiple organs and systems and bring about full body healing, since the skin on your feet is least sensitive area throughout your body, essential oils can be directly applied without dilution with carrier oils and the active compounds go straight into your bloodstream. Here are some of the oils you can choose from:

Cold pressed Argan Oil:

  • Rich source of vitamin E for healthy hair and eyes. 
  • Potent antioxidant to reduce the damaging effect of free radicals.
  • Known to have anti - aging effects.
  • May boost heart health, promotes wound healing and is known to treat a number of different inflammatory skin conditions like psoriasis and rosacea.
  • Contains essential nutrients.

Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil:

  • Protects against Sun damage and reduces inflammation and hyperpigmentation.
  • Boosts collagen formation and reduces inflammation.
  • Evens out skin tone, fades scars and treats wrinkles.
  • Exfoliates, hydrates, moisturizes and brightens skin.
  • Help treat various skin ailments.
  • Improves nail health

Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil:

  • Antibacterial and moisturising.
  • Deep hydrating, antimicrobial and long lasting moisturization.
  • Nutritious for skin.
  • Known to treat cold sores, fight aging and acne.

Cold Pressed Grapeseed Oil:

  • Known to treat acne.
  • Improves skin condition and slows down aging.
  • Minimize fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Moisturizes and protects against free radicals.

Cold Pressed Avocado Oil:

  • Reduces Cholesterol and Improves Heart Health.
  • May Reduce Symptoms of Arthritis.
  • Enhances the Absorption of Important Nutrients.
  • Contains lutein that is beneficial for the eyes.
  • May Help Prevent Gum Disease.
  • Rich in healthy fat - Oleic acid.

Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil:

  • Improves complexion and skin tone.
  • Reduces puffiness and under-eye circles.
  • Reduces the appearance of stretch marks.
  • Reduces the appearance of scars.
  • Helps reverse sun damage.

Our feet take the full impact of our body weight and carry us places, let’s give it the caring it deserves.

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