Lip Balms That Will Help to Lighten Dark Lips

Natural Lip Care Routine

Most of us are suffering from dark lips so we try camouflaging our pigmented lips with lipsticks. Lip pigmentation is a common concern shared by many. But it’s time to wipe off your lipsticks and spread happiness with soft, even-toned lips. If your dark lips are a major concern you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will explore this topic and discover effective solutions using the right lip care products, such as lip balms and lip scrubs, so that you can enjoy even-toned, soft, and hydrated lips. 

Get Lighter Lips With Lip Balms:

Getting rid of dark, pigmented lips is possible with a healthy lifestyle. However, following a proper lip care routine with gentle products made from natural ingredients is also essential. This blog will guide you through the best lip care products for men and women that will make your lips soft and even toned A lip balm is an essential lip care product that will keep your lips hydrated, moisturized, and smooth. Having dark, dry, chapped lips can make one feel low. Most of the time, we focus on concealing the lip with lipsticks and other makeovers rather than finding a solution. So choosing a lip care product that will nourish, protect, and lighten your lips is crucial. It will be ideal to follow a lip care routine regularly.

Shift to Natural Products

 In recent times, most of us have started switching to natural products as they are safer, sustainable and eco - friendly. These natural face care products have become a go-to option for their evident and long-lasting harmless effects on use. Going for lip balms made with natural ingredients like shea butter, avocado oil, and beeswax can lighten your lips and give them a supple, plumpy look. Using organic products can also protect from any side effects and give long-lasting results.

 Lip Care Routine with Natural Lip Care Products

Start off your lip care with lip scrub, made with natural ingredients like lemon oil extract, organic sugars, and beeswax. To use the lip scrub, take a small quantity, preferably a pinch of the lip scrub, and scrub it for 2 minutes.

 Following this, wash your lips and use lemon lip balm made with lemon essential oil, shea butter, and avocado oil. Use the scrub on alternative days and the lip balm every day to fight dark lips and get smooth, soft, and beautiful lips.

You can also try naturally tinted grapefruit lip balm made with grapefruit oil, shea butter, and avocado oil for an even-toned lips. For nourishing your chapped lips you can try chocomint which comes with a pleasant flavor. Try the lip lightening combo which consists of lemon lip balm and lip scrub in order to tackle lip pigmentation.

Tips for Soft, Moist, and Light Lips


Besides applying lip balm there are certain other important factors that you should consider following religiously for soft, moist, and light lips. Following these tips & a proper lip care routine will keep your lips well-nourished.

 Avoid licking or wetting lips with saliva. It will make your lips even darker. Therefore, be cautious the next time you try wetting your lips while engrossed in something important. Keeping your lips hydrated throughout the day and night can be very effective. Drinking enough water can help your lips hydrate. Not removing your lipstick and skipping lip balm are two mistakes that should be avoided irrespective of your lip care goal. Make sure to remove your lipstick while removing your makeup.

Exfoliation is something that can make your lips moist and healthy. It helps in removing the dead skin cells, which can cause irritation and pain. Adding the Lip Scrub from Vilvah to your lip routine will give effective results. Carry your lip balm with you and apply it whenever you feel your lips are dry. Always opt for lip balms from the range of natural skin care products.


Start your lip care routine today with Vilvah! Buy lip care products for men and women from Vilvah Store specially made with natural ingredients to maintain the suppleness of your lips. Our lip care products keep your lips hydrated and without drying out. We hope this blog helped you in understanding what you should look out for while choosing your lip care products. When it comes to lip care regime, learning and unlearning is a constant thing. So choose your products wisely.

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