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Whether you toss and turn at bedtime or use 3 a.m. as the time to organise your thoughts—work and life’s constant to-do lists are never-ending and tend to plague you most when you are trying to fall asleep. Once the daily distractions are gone and you are lying in bed at night, all of those stressors and anxious thoughts that have been nipping at your brain during the day enter full force. At that point, falling asleep can seem almost impossible.

But it doesn’t have to be. You can learn to successfully avoid night spiralling and quiet your mind enough to fall asleep, but it can take time and some practice.

Now onto the good news: there are ways we can break out of this pattern of doom and gloom, and let go of our worst expectations. Next time you find yourself catastrophizing, try the following

Recognize it:

The first step is becoming aware of your own thought patterns.A regular meditation practice for anxiety is wonderful for this. Set up a safe space ground yourself by meditation or by doing breath work then take it a step further by thinking over the thoughts that may keep you up at night. You’re human; it’s impossible not to have those thoughts.But allow them to flow in and flow out,write out your stressful to-do lists and your worries put a plan in action during the day so that when you lie down to go to sleep and there aren’t any life distractions, every bad thought you have doesn’t come flowing in . Both of these activities allow you to step back and observe your own thoughts, rather than actively engaging with them. Eventually, you’ll see your worst-case scenarios for what they are: just thoughts, nothing more.

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Quit Trying So Hard

Realise that this kind of thinking is natural, and something we all do from time to time. Don’t beat yourself up, and give yourself the space and the time to reflect and adjust What you don’t want to be doing is lying awake unable to fall back to sleep and turn on the TV or reach for your phone, start clock watching, and spend a lot of time awake in bed worrying about not sleeping. get cozed up with a heavy blanket,create a safe space and  indulge yourself in aromatherapy by using our variety of scented sachets to revive your  mind and body .Use our herbal  eye pillow to relax and relieve tension that is built up around the eyes. It's OK to get out of bed and go into another room and do a quiet activity until you feel sleepy enough to try to go back to bed. preferred activities would be to read in low light or practice a calming activity.

If you are having trouble falling asleep initially or you wake up and can’t fall back to sleep, you may want to try and stay in bed for some of those times

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Stop Clock Watching:

We all wake up throughout the night as we cycle in and out of light and deep sleep. Many of us can easily fall back to sleep, and we don’t notice these partial awakenings, but if we suffer from insomnia and/or are already anxious about sleep, watching the clock becomes a job we feel we must do, which robs us of sleep.

Set your alarm and then turn your clock around or hide it. If you know the alarm is set, you don’t need to know what time it is.

Other ways to reduce nighttime spiralling:

  1. Incorporate a bedtime journal where you are able to give your brain a dump before you go to bed. Write down your to-do list and everything on your mind. Don’t just make note of your struggles and stressors but also everything you are grateful for that day.
  2. Stay connected with your support system. Connection is an important part of bettering your mental health. Reach out to those who will support you through your current state of mind to improve your mood and set boundaries on those that add toxicity to your already stressed state of mind.
  3. Incorporate an information detox during your nighttime routine and even throughout the day. Set boundaries on what social media you are allowing in and what news resources you check. Take it a step further and completely remove all social media from your phone.

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