Is it safe to use raw Aloevera and apply it over Skin?

Is it safe to use raw Aloevera and apply it over Skin?

Aloe ha! Says the sun that happily shines at you, and you wave back at it, wondering if all that sunblock, coolers, and face mask ever succeed in hiding you enough. Those newly formed wrinkles along with last week’s face tan gets you spending on multiple skincare products. And after a whirlwind of trial and error, it is only natural that you end up reaching out to “The Empress of healing plants”, our own Aloe Vera.

This Ayurvedic herb that belongs to the special class of “Rasayanas” is in charge of numerous healing properties that even Queen Cleopatra is documented to have included this in her beauty regime. 

So how much does Aloe vera benefit our skin?

  • It reduces inflammation, infections and successfully treats acne and acne scars.
  • It boosts the healing of wounds and proves to be effective on first and second degree burns.
  • Best for Anti-Aging, it increases collagen production that lightens age spots, fine lines and also serves as an excellent moisturizer.

­­­With influencers coming out with DIY remedies every weekend, the usage of aloe gel extracted from our gardens has been frequently encouraged and romanticized. But the question here is, is it really safe to use the natural gel directly from the plant as claimed ?

The answer is “No” and this could quite surprise you. 

The Aloe gel stripped directly from plants is indeed unsafe and damaging to our skin, and now we are obliged to present to you a thoroughly vera-fied explanation.

  • Aloe vera belongs to an extensive species of plants that encompasses more than 400 types. Not all of them are deemed to be safe on skin, and it is impossible for you to identify the right ones on your own.
  • The leaf comprises two primary components, the Gel, and the Latex. The latex part of the plant, which is the yellow material in between the leaf and the gel, is known to have adverse side effects upon use.
  • The chances of latex mixing with the gel is very high when you try to manually extract gel off the leaf, and the anthraquinones present in the latex is likely to cause skin irritation and inflammation. Moreover, it becomes too risky for further application over deep cuts or severe burns.
  • Homemade Aloe Vera juice shows low absorption as it dries out faster on face, making it less effective for your ailments

Is there a more reliable way to enjoy maximum skin benefits from Aloe vera?

  • Aloevera is now more easily available than ever at your nearest stores in off-the-shelf formulation. 
  • These products are processed into cream or gel forms and are specifically made suitable for topical use. 
  • Compared to the homemade Aloe Vera juice, the gel-like consistency from the store-bought products stays longer on the face showing higher absorption levels and effectiveness.

If you are looking to go organic, then the Organic pure pressed Aloevera gel at the Vilvah store might be the one perfect for you.

Manufactured using the Cold stabilization process only on select Premium Aloevera species, this pure Aloevera Gel is one of our leading and most sought after products. Another speciality is that the FTU (Finger tip unit) of skin actives is high in our product. This is due to the usage of more no. of leaves in the making of 1 jar of Gel which is unlikely in the case of homemade. 

Here at Vilvah, We are proud to use Modern science to bring Mother nature closer to you, and you begin to feel her love with every use, when you see your skin aglow !

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